The 5 Best, Quick and Few Ingredients Backpacking Recipes

Maybe you have eaten frozen and dried meals in the last outing. While these are convenient, they are expensive and lack nutrition. As a backpacker, you must be dreaming to be on your own while camping in the wilderness. Here is a list of backpacking recipes for you to check!

Easy backpacking recipes for dinner

Backpacking meals recipes should be super easy to prepare. These recipes need simple ingredients like noodles, tuna, beef jerky, cheese, olive oil, and instant mashed potato mix.

Ramen noodles are a great choice as they are light in weight and taste pretty good. Take two packets of Ramen noodle. Boil water and once it starts boiling add the noodle. Let it boil for a few minutes and allow rehydrating. Add tuna or chicken, whatever you have. Also, add some cheese. Cheddar cheese will give a lot of flavor and texture to the meal. Now take little olive oil in the pan and cook the mixture. Your dinner is ready.

Instant mashed potato with beef also makes a very good dinner recipe. You can make this super fast. Boil some water in a pot and add some beef jerky. Being lean and trimmed, this will cook easily. Add enough instant mashed potato mix, when the jerky is tender, to make it a thick mix. You will relish the taste.

  1. Delicious backpacking recipes for meals

Making Tuna Alfredo is a great backpacking recipe. The ingredients required are Alfredo Pasta side or anything else you have, Nestle NIDO fortified or any other extra creamy powder milk, tuna packets. You can also have green beans.

Boil water in a pan. Add the pasta side to it. Let it boil for a few minutes. Now add powder milk into it to make it extra creamy. Also, add white tuna and green beans. Boil it thoroughly for a few minutes more, you will get a delicious meal.

You can also make pancakes easily on the trail. For this, you need pancake mix, dehydrated fruits, and if you like to make it extra creamy then you need Nestle NIDO or any other good powder milk. You can also add little syrup for imparting taste.

Put the dehydrated food in boiling water to make it soft. Now add the warm water to the pancake mix and stir it up with your hand. Heat the pancake mix in a frying pan until they start bubbling. Flip it over once it starts bubbling. Now add the fruits on the top and spread a little syrup over it. Your pancake is ready.

  1. Sausage Rice quick backpacking recipes  

Being a backpacker on the trail does not mean you cannot have delicious foods. This is possible if you know the recipe of a single-pan type of gourmet meals. The sausage rice belongs to this category.  You will not be sad to have it on the track. What is more satisfying is that it leaves a single pan to wash at the end.

All you need to carry to make this sausage rice is a knife, wooden board, a sturdy skillet, and a wooden spoon. The ingredients needed are oil, rice, a large size onion, sausage, turmeric, pepper, salt, and hot sauce.

Make a trench fire pit and fire it up with woods. Now place the large size onion on the wooden board and chop it into pieces with the knife. Transfer it to the skillet and put some oil into this. Now fry the onions over trench fire. Also, chop the sausage into thin slices and add to it and fry till everything turns brown. Now add rice and pour some water into it.  Also, add salt to taste, a pinch of pepper, and turmeric. Boil for some time till the rice is cooked and then slowly to evaporate the extra water. Remove from heat, cover, and let it cool down.  Spread the hot sauce over it and your meal is ready for eating.

  1. Backpacking recipes for Spaghetti

The recipes for backpacking should be simple and fast-making. This recipe for spaghetti is one of the best backpacking recipes. You will need tomato sauce, sausage, cheese, spaghetti, oil, butter, garlic, spices for this.

Pour water into a can and add some salt. Place it over the fire.  Now pour oil into the frying pan. Cut thin slices of sausages and fry till they are tender. Add spaghetti to boiling water and let it cook for some time. When the white dot inside disappears, it means cooking is over. Drain off the water and add the fried sausage into it. Pour the tomato sauce in the frying pan.

Chop off some garlic and add to the sauce. Add a little black pepper, oregano, basil, and boil to thicken the gravy. Pour the gravy in the can, mix thoroughly. Add a few pieces of cheese over it and mix.  Melt some butter in the frying pan and mix it with spaghetti. You will get the smell of a nice gourmet meal.

  1. BBQ backpacking recipes

Backpacking is a lifetime experience. People do it in forests and mountains to get lost into the wilderness. But for hiking, you need to have some quick meal to get into the tent for a good night’s sleep.

The most simple and fun-filled backpacking recipes are grilling. This lets one enjoy healthy and satisfying food. For this, you need to carry a cooking grate and BBQ tongs other than burgers and sausages.

Make a trench fire or lit a fire between two rocks or logs whatever is convenient. Place the cooking grate over the fire. Now put the burger or sausage and a piece of bell pepper on the cooking grate and cook it over a coal fire, turning with the BBQ tongs from time to time. You will get the food of your choice following this one of easy backpacking recipes. Never forget to put out the fire completely before leaving the place.

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